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What is a Work Cited MLA Format Generator? A Work Cited MLA format generator is a system that can create (“generate”) all your sources in the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. The generator places the sources in the proper format for your Works Cited Page at the end of your research paper. There are a few well-known format cite it for me: (1) Citation Builder, (2) Citation Maker, (3) Citation Machine, (4) Knight Cite, and (5) Easy Bib.

Benefits of a Work Cited MLA Format Generator

One benefit of a Work Cited MLA format generator is that it allows students to cite any source they desire in the proper format. There was a time when web pages, blog posts, and websites did not have an MLA citation form. Because these sources of knowledge had no academic citation form, they were viewed as “non-academic” sources. Today, however, this has changed. Even a blog post a friend wrote can be cited in MLA format and placed in a research paper. The technological revolution has increased the number of “academic” sources a student has at their disposal. The computer screen students sit in front of every day is now an entire library of resources. Students no longer need to leave their bedrooms in order to find academic sources. Instead of students going to the library, the library has now come to them.

Another benefit of a Work Cited MLA format generator is that students have an even greater chance of avoiding plagiarism. The format generators “spit” out the correct formats for reference sources. All students have to do is write down the exact words, spaces, and quotations or italics to get the source format correct. This access to correct formatting eliminates the possibility of students failing a research paper because they fail to properly cite a source. If students only need to copy down exactly what is in front of them on a computer screen, there is no longer any excuse for plagiarism. As an added benefit, professors can now take more stringent measures toward students who improperly cite sources. While stringent measures may not be an added benefit for students, it is for professors at colleges and universities.

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