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after all, WordPress is free and there are hundreds of free WordPress subject matters (a.ok.a. templates).

however, what should you do about the unfastened WordPress subject matters vs. top class WordPress themes question?

i have used many unfastened and premium WordPress templates.

after I commenced out building web sites and blogging, I used free subject mattersat the start, I notion free have beenexquisite. As I began constructing my websites and trying greater capability, I grew pissed off.

ultimately I caved in and acquired a top rate WordPress template. I never regarded lower back.

howeverthis is no longer to say unfastened WordPress themes aren’t really worth using. I did not take a look at eachloose subject available so I can’t say there isn’t a perfect unfastened theme on your website.

Why buy a premium WordPress template?

1. Embedded links

Many loose templates are filled with embedded links… and i’m no longer speaking about a hyperlink back to the developer (which is cool via me). i am talking approximately hyperlinks to nefarious web sites that you could not want to hyperlink to.

do not by means of any stretch of the imagination download themes endorse all loose theme builders do thatthere are many remarkablesubject developers who absolutely have a link to their web site as dressmaker (some don’t even try this). The trouble is recognizing the coolest from the terrible.

2. Updates

just like the reality top class topics come with updates while WordPress updates. i might hate to build a awesomewebsite handiest to have problems stand up down the road due to the fact new updates are not issued.

3forum assist

i love forum support with my subject mattersmaximum loose themes do not include assistyou are to your personal. I like the fact i can bounce into a discussion board and get answers to my questions.

4subject matter features

usually (and that is a big generalization), you get extra functions and versatility with a premium subject mattergo in advance and check out the premium theme capabilities and then compare those with loose topicsgenerally you’ll see a trend which you get extra features with a top rate template.

5interest to detail

generallytop class themes pay greater interest to detail. There are continually exceptions, and there are not any doubt a few fabulously designed unfastened subject mattershowevergenerallyi’ve observed that top rate issues have nicer designs.

6. credit score restrictions

i really like the option of eliminating a hyperlink to the theme developer. Many unfastened subject builders stipulate you need to keep the hyperlink or links in the footer to the topic developer’s web site or web sitesi really like giving creditwhere credit is due, but I also like the option to cast off the hyperlink if I so wish.

7. design flexibility

in case you‘re looking for drag and drop WordPress subject customization generationyou are exceptional choice is to go with a top rate WordPress subject matter designed for clean customization.

eight. Code compliance

maximum outstanding premium subject matter developers create issues which can be W3C code compliant. Many loosetemplates are W3C code compliant, but now not all. are you able to spot the difference? If not, then relaxation clean with a top rate subject.

ninefuture issues

when you get familiar with a top class developer, using their other subject matters turns into very smoothi’ve noticedthis with many developersin the beginning, I spend a while figuring out the backend; butas soon as I grow to be giftedwith one theme by a developer, the use of other issues by using that developer is straightforward.

that is no longer to mention you may not end up acquainted with a unfastened templates. as an alternativemaximumfree topics are a one-off or a few through that developer. in case you go along with a one-of-a-kind unfastened subject for any other venture or a website re-designpossibilities are you’ll select a unfastened subject from any other developer. This calls for gaining knowledge of a exclusive backend.

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