ANU College of Business and Economics

ANU College of Business and Economics is a popular business teaching wing of the Australian National University, which is located at Canberra, Australia. The university was established in the year 1946 and it holds the status of being the only teaching university that has been established by the Australian Parliament. Since its inception ANU has made many strong and prominent contributions in the field of education and has shaped the futures of thousands. A number of undergraduate as well as graduate level programs are being offered by ANU`s seven colleges and estimates show that a total of 18514 students are currently associated with ANU. However in this section our main focus will be upon ANU College of Business and Economics, which is basically the business teaching college of ANU.

The business school was established with the aim of progressing in different fields of knowledge related with business by means of effective teaching and high quality research. The college strives hard to understand and deliver the basic concepts related with accounting, economics, business administration, marketing, management, statistics, finance etc. This is done by offering a number graduate level as well as undergraduate programs to the students. Moving towards the academics the
undergraduate level programs, which are offered by aged care 3 certificate this institution are as follow

• Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

• Bachelor of Commerce

• Bachelor of Finance

• Bachelor of Business Administration

• Bachelor of Economics

• Bachelor of International Business

• Bachelor of Statistics at pass and honors level

• Bachelor of Social Sciences

ANU College of Business and Economics is very highly rated not only in Australia, but also in the main Asian region. The MBA program is given very high value and is considered one of the best in the country. The teaching methods which are followed here are unique and convincing and the interaction between students and teachers is very highly promoted. Teachers try to be friendly as well as influential for their students so that a bond based on mutual understanding should be developed between students and teachers. Every MBA class has 60 students and this is done so that teachers can focus on all class members properly. The students of MBA have the liberty of making the selection of any one of the below mentioned disciplines

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